On behalf of Belmont Abbey College, thank you for supporting the Abbey community. We established the Abbey Solidarity Response Fund exclusively for relieving the financial stress that members of our college community may experience due to COVID-19. This Fund will allow us to bring together financial resources so that when we see a need, whether for students, their families, or our campus community, we can respond.


For information on how Belmont Abbey College is responding to these unprecedented times, visit our Coronavirus Response page.





Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on collegiate sports

We all have experienced the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. It has changed everything. …one of the most under-reported aspects of life that has been affected by the pandemic is college sports. Universities across the country are scrambling to cover virus-related financial hardships and many are sacrificing a unique piece of American culture - college sports.


We’ve seen updates on our favorite college football and basketball teams, but the ramifications go even further. Sports, such as rugby or field hockey, that students have spent a decade or more practicing and perfecting are being cut.


According to a recent NBC News report “Twenty-six colleges and universities, from Stanford to Dartmouth College, have cut more than 90 sports programs. ”The impacts of this will be felt in the short-term and the long-term. For example, the feeder system for the Olympics is in a huge state of limbo right now. How will athletes be selected for the national team if they aren’t able to compete in college? This question has remained unanswered.


Many college athletes across the country aren’t playing, coaches are out of a job, and sports facilities are collecting dust.


Here at the Abbey, we value the transformative power of sports


Sports play a vital role in campus life at Belmont Abbey, and by the fortitude and perseverance of the Administration, our teams are practicing, competing, and broadcasting their games when nearly no other schools at the Division II level or in the Conference Carolinas are doing so. We decided to bring back athletics as part of reopening the Abbey this semester because of our belief in the formative and developmental power of athletic participation and competition for all involved, especially our students.


We have over 800 student-athletes, nearly two thirds of our student body, participating in 41 sport programs. Our campus is a place where athletics and glorifying God come together. We believe that the virtue formation of our students is critical to restoring unity and civility in our country and we are doing everything we can to continue to form our athletes into servant leaders.


“I’ve experienced firsthand the unifying power of sports. I played on the U.S. men’s hockey team in the 1980 Winter Olympics, when we stunned the world by defeating the Soviet Union in a game that really brought America together. Now, in a time of anxiety and new challenges, sport’s unifying and transformative power is needed more than ever! I’m proud of everything Belmont Abbey College is doing to ensure our students the opportunity to compete this year, and especially for the lasting life lessons my son, Evan, learned through the Abbey’s ‘sports and virtue’ approach.”

- A Belmont Abbey Parent and former Hockey Olympian, Ken Morrow

You can form the next generation of servant leaders through sports

Sports has the power to reach across the greatest divides and ground us in our humanity.

By being involved with Abbey Athletics, you would be responsible for training the next generation of servant leaders.


And when you make a gift to Abbey Athletics today, your gift goes toward immediately relieving our athletics programs of the extra expenses brought on by COVID-19 so that we can continue to form athletes in virtue.


Here are just a few ways your gift will help:

  • Fund the cost of additional COVID-19 testing equipment (which exceeds $50,000) including purchasing on campus COVID-19 testing, masks, cleaning supplies, thermometers and other equipment
  • Purchase the equipment necessary to boost our live steam capabilities and air multiple scrimmages on the Belmont Abbey Sports Network
  • Grow sports program by supporting the annual costs of 41 programs which includes uniforms, equipment, travel and recruiting costs
  • Support the new Director of Broadcasting for the Belmont Abbey Sports Network as we grow the network to broadcast multiple events simultaneously; In addition to broadcasting duties, he will be mentoring students and preparing them for a career in broadcasting



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