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Scholarships often make the difference in a student’s ability to pursue higher education. Scholarships also ensure that the college is able to attract high caliber students. Approximately 90% of Belmont Abbey’s students receive financial assistance.  Scholarships have played a significant role in raising the GPA of in-coming students and in growing such high-performance programs as the Honors Institute.

Annual Scholarships:  For a list of Annual Scholarships, click here.

Annual Scholarships are a simple, yet rewarding way of ensuring that you are helping the next generation of citizens obtain a values-centered education.  These scholarships are made through a pledge of annual giving toward a scholarship fund that you may name and designate for a particular major. 

Endowed Scholarships:  For a list of Endowed Scholarships, click here.

An endowed scholarship fund is restricted to the purpose set by the donor.  Through investment, the fund increases the number of scholarships awarded while ensuring that the principal remains untouched. This allows your contributions to touch students now and far into the future. 


Scholarships may target students in particular fields of study, students from certain geographic regions or students with remarkable attributes. Donors may name their scholarships for themselves, their family, a loved one, a teacher, a friend, a business or an organization.  A named endowment provides a legacy that lasts forever. 

Examples of the impact of endowed gifts:

Full tuition each year  An endowed gift of at least $500,000

$12,500 each year   An endowed gift of $250,000

$5,000 each year   An endowed gift of $100,000

$2,500 each year   An endowed gift of $40,000

$1,250 each year   An endowed gift of $25,000

Endowed scholarships must have a minimum principal of at least $25,000. Donors may pay in installments over a three year period to fund their endowment.

The first scholarship is awarded the year following its creation.  Gifts received prior to December 31st will generate funding for the following fall term. 

The scholarship fund will be listed on the College website and in the annual Honor Role of Donors.  Donors will receive thank-you letters from their student recipients with information about their progress at the College.

Please call Greg Swanson, Vice President for College Relations, to help you design a plan for your endowment that is best suited to your financial situation 704-461-5073.