Soccer Development Fund

The last few years have witnessed the return of hundreds of soccer alumni to their old playground. It has been such a pleasure hosting alumni games, gatherings and presentations. The Abbey soccer alumni group is one of the MOST ACTIVE and SUPPORTIVE of its kind. We celebrated in particular this year, the team of 1966 that represented the Abbey in the NAIA finals of that year. The entire team was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame during a ceremony at Homecoming.


We want to thank you immensely for your support of our program. Two years ago, we presented to alumni for the first time, the idea of a Soccer Development Fund (SDF). The fund was designed to accept donations from alumni, and would be put toward scholarships with a view to: a) attract blue chip players b) help current athletes in financial difficulty and c) level the playing field with those colleges in the region who had moved their recruiting focus away from domestic talent and exclusively toward highly experienced internationals. The Abbey program needed a boost. The alumni response was immediate and generous, hitting the $30,000 target. This year’s contributions are enabling us to assemble the best recruiting class in my four years on the job. Come back for the Homecoming game to witness first-hand the impact of alumni generosity. You will see a first-rate American team blended with a minority of very skillful overseas players.



If you have not given to the Fund before, or if you have not made a recent contribution, please help us reach our 2015 target this month. Your gift goes purely toward scholarships and helps us continue a tradition of excellence and pride reaching back over half a century. Your gift is really a gift to the present (competitiveness, titles, championships, teamwork) and the FUTURE, since our primary goal here is the formation of these young men.



Please know that you are always welcome back here at the Abbey. Come and visit us soon and mark your calendars for September 29th - Homecoming 2017. 


John Keating, Men’s Soccer Coach


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